Dr Rubini Arasu – Time to Act

Dr Rubini Arasu is a full-time dentist with a passion for colours. Despite her busy schedule, she still makes time to paint.  She first started off art from adult colouring books and colour pencils, as a means of relaxing. It wasn’t long after when a former assistant of the clinic, gifted Dr Rubini with a set of oil paint. If it wasn’t for the set of oil paint, Rubini would not have ventured into painting due to her fear of wasting an art piece.  But we shouldn’t look at fear as a negative impact, rather look at it as an obstacle we need to overcome. Sometimes all we need is a little push to the right direction.

“……but of course, along the way you will realize that every mistake doesn’t matter, it can be rectified”

Dr Rubini has always been practicing art, but it was never her first choice as a career, as it was not encouraged. Today, she delegates her time to both her full-time profession as a dentist, and one hour daily with her brushes and canvas. So far, Dr Rubini has painted on various canvases like tote bags, clothing, shoes, wooden utensils, and even pebbles.

“…nothing should stop you, if you put your mind into it, just do it.”

Dr Rubini believes that women tend to step back in pursuing their dreams due to their responsibility to their families, careers, and other commitments. Regardless of their commitments, Dr Rubini encourages everyone to make time for the goals they wish to pursue, if and only if you want to. As success in her eyes is deemed from one’s courageous act to step out of one’s comfort zone.

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