They are the ones that come out on top, despite all the challenges.


Low Ngai Yuen

This boss lady is no stranger to the multimedia scene; she is a devoted wife, mother of 4, she runs 4 businesses and 3 NGOs?! She is none other than Ms Low Ngai Yuen, founder of Women Girls (one of her NGOs).



“Alamak! That’s like the budak tuition (the boy from tuition)! Oh no!” We don’t often come across married couples who work hand-in-hand on in business together. Most of us would avoid working with our spouses for fear it will ruin the relationship.


Dr Rubini Arasu

Dr. Rubini has always been practicing art, but it was never her first choice as a career, as it was not encouraged. Today, she delegates her time to both her full-time profession as a dentist and one hour daily with her brushes and canvas.

Roscani’s Vision

We believe women have great parts to play in our society and empowered women do wonders. We’ve been equipping women with confidence and elegance via watches for more than 20 years and now we want to empower them even more.

We want women’s voices to be heard and we want to be a part of their journey to empower more people. We are teaming up with our collaborators to change lives, and hopefully create an impact.

We are also constantly looking for more women voices. Join us to empower more.


Together we can make a difference

5 reasons why you should hire athletes

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Hard skills such as training or education can get you an interview, but it is the soft skills that will help you progress in your career more rapidly. What exactly are soft skills and what other qualities do athletes have that make them very ideal employees?

Conquering your Fears

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Some of the greatest feats we’ve achieved as human beings were accomplished, not because they did not instill fear in us, but because we learned to address those fears and for that, we were successful.


Empowered women empowers women. Join their journey to empower more people. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.