Maresa Ng – Time to be Fearless

Maresa Ng being chosen as one of several voices in Roscani’s W.E. Campaign (Women Empowerment Campaign), is a CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, Professional Speaker, and Business Growth Specialist. Maresa has worked with many business owners and has coached them to build businesses that generate massive revenues and profits!

She advises aspiring Business women to utilize their skills and give their passion a form. ‘Analyse your options and just take the plunge‘, she says. Budding entrepreneurs, especially women, analyse and worry about all the pros and cons too much. They also spend their energies over various anticipated risks and concerns. They should consolidate their resources and present skills and start the business, while also updating and acquiring new skills as needed by the business instead. ‘One can never learn too much!’ Maresa believes that all learning will be useful at some point for any person or business person.

Roscani proudly highlights her contribution towards empowering other business women and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Conquering your Fears

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Some of the greatest feats we’ve achieved as human beings were accomplished, not because they did not instill fear in us, but because we learned to address those fears and for that, we were successful.

Roscani’s Vision

We believe women have great parts to play in our society and empowered women do wonders. We’ve been equipping women with confidence and elegance via watches for more than 20 years and now we want to empower them even more.

We want women’s voices to be heard and we want to be a part of their journey to empower more people. We are teaming up with our collaborators to change lives, and hopefully create an impact.

We are also constantly looking for more women voices. Join us to empower more.


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