Farhana Abd Wahab – Time to be Resilient

Nothing beats a tough mind

Nothing would ever stop Hanna from pursuing her dream career as a Fitness Instructor. When given the great opportunity to represent Malaysia’s varsity team for Taekwondo, she had a bad knee injury. However, this incident doesn’t hindered Hanna.

Hanna followed through with her inspiration to take up yoga, as her passion is to help people get fit and healthy.

Challenging as it may seem, Hanna faced limitations with Yoga poses that seem to contradict with her religious practice. She pushed these obstructions aside and took the opportunity to educate the community instead. In her explanation, Yoga is nothing more than to enhance your health and well-being. Even when one wishes to carry out meditation, it is no more than just one’s peace of mind.

Today, Hanna has lived up to her dream career to be one of the very few Muslim yoga instructors.

Don’t let obstruction stops you. Believe you can do it and you are already doing it.

Despite your background and expectations that are set on you, Hanna encourages women to pursue their passion regardless of limitations set by society. Hanna too has succumbed to the many opportunities the world has had to offer, especially in her career path. Being a muslim woman particularly, it’s difficult to pursue a career in Yoga due to believes the sport is tied to the Hindhu-Buddist religion. However, if your principles and your faith are strong, and you’re able to strike a balance in your lifestyle; Hanna believes a healthy activity like this shouldn’t interfere.

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