Icy Lee – Time to Give

“Instead of empowering small businesses, why don’t we give chance to the under privileged community?”

Icy has had a calling since her college years to help build the community and impact the lives around her. But she never imagined she would end up in the F&B industry from graduating with Psychology background.

It was during a church event, where Icy was looking for a caterer did, she come across her calling. After going through various small cafes, she decided to approach a Mak Cik selling ‘kuih’ by the LRT station to cater for the event instead. She realized this Mak Cik was only earning enough to get by to feed her family of 11 kids; not including herself and her spouse. So, it occurred to Icy, what if she elevates these Mak Cik’s instead, by becoming their middle person to connect them to customers. It was there that Icy founded Deliccia.

“…when you see they have 11 kids, they don’t even have a chance to buy baju raya for their kids, there’s so many needs; then I know I must do something.”

Icy didn’t know she wanted to help Mak Cik’s in the first place, but she has come a long way in bringing a community together. Her goal for Deliccia is to empower every lady who has engage with Deliccia, financially and simultaneously allow them to live out their dignity as housewives supporting to their household. Through the empowerment of these women, Icy believes it creates a domino effect to empowering the Mak Cik’s spouses, children, society and eventually the rest of the world; as one small spec of kindness goes a long way.

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Roscani’s Vision

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