Louise Chu – Time to be You

“It all started with a mother’s maternal instinct. I want my baby to grow up in a chemical-free environment, and that’s how Claire Organics started”.

While it might seem glamorous to own and run a business, there are always blood, tears and sweat behind it. Louise’s perseverance paid off when Claire Organics started to gain more recognition, with demands coming from Hong Kong and Singapore, and 4 outlets in Malaysia.

When asked if she ever regretted resigning from her corporate job, “No, not at all! What I am doing now is what makes me happy =).” Louise answered confidently with a glow of contentment.

Do something that you are really into because that’s the strength that keeps you moving on even during difficult times.

Even though her previous job did give her a stable income and relatively regular lifestyle, she prefer to spend time developing her interest.  “If not now, then when?” Louise asked herself, and jumped out from the comfort zone to chase for the passion that she would not regret in later years. Just as Mark Twain quoted “You will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one you did do”.

The success achieved by Louise is the best evident to women, it is not impossible to start your own career while having a family. All a woman need is the courage to take the first step out and make things work. “Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.” This quote has kept Louise moves on and it exemplified the power of passion in driving us to attain a seemingly unattainable goal.

Louise is indeed a role model for many aspiring woman entrepreneurs. She upholds the true grit of extending passion into work and most importantly, she never allows the traditional roles of women to deter her from pursuing what she wants. Time to be yourself. Sky is the only limit

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Roscani’s Vision

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