Low Ngai Yuen – Time to Prioritise

Low Ngai Yuen – Time to Prioritise

“We need education to talk to girls differently. We need education to empower girls that they can do anything they wish.”

This boss lady is no stranger to the multimedia scene; she is a devoted wife, mother of 4, she runs 4 businesses and 3 NGOs?! She is none other than Ms Low Ngai Yuen, founder of Women Girls (one of her NGOs).

We managed to have an interview session with her especially on what she thinks of women empowerment, where & how do we sow into society.

Do you think the views on women have changed in society?

How society views women has never changed. Women have been pressured by the roles, appearance and behaviour women SHOULD portray. Now with the advancement in technology as well as the digital age, society stresses us further with newer expectations. The problem hasn’t changed, however it is angled differently, according to Ngai Yuen. Hence, through Women Girls, and proper education, Ngai Yuen and her team aims to chagne the mindset of our young ladies today, to future boss ladies of tomorrow.

She seems to have a lot on her plate. How does she cope with all of it?

Even we were surprised, but, this was her advise. Ms Ngai Yuen doesn’t look at the number of task she has between her different roles, rather she prioritizes on what she needs to do. For example, clean water is more important than washing the laundry. She also highlights that it is crucial to have a support system in whatever role you have; like family and other moms when it comes to looking after the household, or a hard working, innovative team when it comes to work.

“You build a very strong network everywhere you go, so when you need some assistance and you raise your hand , somebody is bound to say ‘okay. Let me see what I can do for you.'” 

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Roscani’s Vision

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