Sheena Baharudin – Time to Speak Up

How Sheena finds her own way in this world?

Being the author of Rhymes for Mending Hearts and All the Bodies We’ve Embraced, Sheena possesses the wonderful talent to connect disparate thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences to enlighten a grey soul. The desire to express herself inspires her to be a poet.

To Sheena, the way of finding herself is through spoken words poetry. She does not let the world define who she is. The writing of poetry is a way that inspires her to rediscover the sort of identity that has been imposed on her. It is a very personal thing at first, but the more she does, the longer time she spent on doing what makes her feels alive, she decided to “go outwards”, sharing her mesmerizing poetry to the world by performing her poems on stage, publishing her poetry collection and now becoming an educator herself to inculcate her knowledge and skill.

“Know who you are, understand your priorities and principles. Don’t be afraid, be courageous to Speak Up & Speak Out of your own story”

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from within. Sheena’s genuine heart reminds her to be kind and sincere to people. She knows who she is, where she is at and keeps herself from being indifferent. She sees perhaps the sort of injustices, the sort of wrong on-going that is happening in the society. Instead of being quiet about it, like what traditional norms might expect a woman to do, she decided to use poetry to speak up and speak out.

As an individual, you have your own unique story. Those things shape the person you are today. Therefore, Sheena encourages women to express themselves, beautifully, courageously. You tell the world your worth as a woman by yourself. Writing poem is obviously Sheena’s best way to release her soul and this in return, inspires countless souls in this world.

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