Doing What You Fear Most

Some of the greatest feats we’ve achieved as human beings were accomplished, not because they did not instill fear in us, but because we learned to address those fears and for that, we were successful. This concept applies to our personal and business lives and it is a long-held belief of mine that in order to truly achieve our full potential, it is something that we must learn to harness.

Identify the fear within us

I think one of the most important things we can do as women is to go below the surface and to first identify and acknowledge what our individual fears are. Considering that fear is perhaps our strongest emotion and that our built-in defense mechanisms use it to encourage us to avoid major challenges, it is no wonder it can stand in the way of us traversing our adversities. In order to harness that fear, we should, instead, find out why we are fearful and learn to overcome it for us to advance ourselves. Currently there’s much more resources for support and methods to overcome fears. Let us make the conscious decision to address our fears directly.

Fear limits us, but it shouldn’t

Perhaps equally important, is for us to allow ourselves the space to be vulnerable. Having fear can cause us to instinctively put up guards that limit our ability to operate in an open manner. A strong advantage we have as women is our naturally-occurring nurturing instinct that often goes unappreciated. Studies show that ventures started by women have a 50% higher success rate – perhaps due to that same caring quality we innately possess. I feel it is highly important for us to embrace it and confidently apply it to various aspects of our work life, but to do that, we must first allow ourselves an adequate level of susceptibility. If it makes you feel any better, try garnering the support of your family and friends in these times as it can sometimes be difficult and harrowing, and a strong support system can help you get over that fence.

A pat at the back goes a long way

Conquering fear isn’t always easy, by doing this will get us inspired and motivated to do even more in life.

Finally, it is important for us as women to identify and to record our past success. Conquering fear isn’t always easy, by doing this will get us inspired and motivated to do even more in life. Quite often, we forget to give ourselves the credit we deserve for the great things we have done. The road to success can be long, so it is important to celebrate the little wins along the way. Besides, those little wins are what help us advance to our long-term goals anyway.

In conclusion, being a woman has quite a few advantages. We share many of the same winning qualities that quite a few of our male counterparts possess, but we also have a few things that are unique to us as well. In order for us to achieve the level of success we would like, we must first face our fears head-on. We must seek to identify and acknowledge those fears as that is the first step to remedying them. Beyond that, we must utilize the support of our loved ones when we face a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Be vulnerable and give yourself a pat on the shoulder when you need it because you are strong and you are resilient, and that is something to forever be proud of.

Maresa NgBusiness Coach

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