I am a chef that strives to prepare good food which give our customers the best tasting experience and worth every penny they paid to us.


Curiosity is perhaps the best thing that opens up new worlds and possibilities.

The world is about to change even faster. With more and more restaurants spring up like mushrooms, I know that I could no longer stand at the same place. Most of the breakthrough discoveries and inventions have something in common, which is the hearts and minds that explore through curiosity. With curiosity, people create and innovate and therefore, life quality is improved.

I am curious about the latest food trends. So, I will spend time flipping through the social media portals, watching and reading up on current trends around the world. Food is like fashion. It has different trends throughout the period. It’s my mission to present the trend of that particular dishes. I envision what my customers will react if they tried my dishes. The smiling faces from them ensure my decision.


Even though I am a chef myself, I still think that it is important to get new ideas from other people. I always pick and choose what’s suitable for my guests. Therefore, brainstorming session with my chef, Shelly Saw is definitely essential. If we want to grow, we should never stop learning. With that said, an open mind to accept others opinion is crucial. Shelly and I always have profound discussions on the menu, ingredients and food presentation. It’s not always a perfect condition but we strive to improve always to make things great.


My hunger does not satisfy merely with food. My insatiable hunger for knowledge and the way to live a better life are enriched by the books I read. I spent time reading self-help books every day. It is not just for my personal advantage but it’s for the overall wellbeing of my career, my team, my guests and my loved ones. For example, when I faced some problems, I always recalled the things I read, which give me the wisdom to look at things from a different perspective. From there, I recognize we should keep improving ourselves no matter what phase of life we are at. There’s nothing new under the sun, but there are lots of old things we don’t know.

Yenni LawOwner of Meatology

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