According to venture capitalists, there is a 70% success rate for women entrepreneurs on building a successful business compared to 61% for men. As a business coach, I can see why. It seems that women view work more holistically and they are more likely to approach their work challenges in a self-reflective way. They build their activity on core values such as purpose, meaning, connection and personal life-work integration. This means that women are driven more by intrinsic motivations, rather than what the jobs or employers demand. The abilities and their potential are undeniable however; women rarely realize the fact that they could be amazing leaders. Here’s why.


I believe women can make great leaders because women are traditionally better than men when it comes to their communication skills. You might have already realized that women are better at verbalizing their thoughts and feelings. These skills are natively better than those of the opposite sex. Women also have the ability to understand what people are feeling more, that’s called intuition. When women allow themselves to come out of their comfort zone, they might even surprise themselves with the abilities and skills that they already have inside. Women have excellent vision and perspective as well. The ability to think long-term is more and more recognizable nowadays in women, and this is definitely a skill that companies would not want to miss.

Women’s empathy and their excellent listening skills are the perfect abilities needed in the leadership roles.

Women naturally value relationships and are empathetic; this enables them to understand their team members better. They know what drives and motivates the team and how to acknowledge and evaluate people’s performances. I find that by taking the time to listen instead of reacting right away, appreciating people’s viewpoints are golden abilities for leaders. People strive to make themselves heard and women are excellent at listening.


Women are naturally nurturing, and this trait is essential when helping team members develop their own strengths and skills. This trait enables women to:

  • Supportive in helping others succeed

  • Guiding others to achieve their dreams

  • Deal with crisis situations with patience and compassion

  • Approach challenges calmly


Women tend to be more proactive in becoming mentors, as it is very easy for them to be open, warm and communicative with their team members. Women also care about their team members’ work-life balance, making them take action on their life and passion.

Women in leadership positions demonstrate enthusiasm, passion and they have a vast capacity to serve and be served by others. They are daring in making bold and wise decisions, while they rely on the other team members for support by collaboration to reach their goals. With high native emotional intelligence skills, flexibility and agility, it comes naturally for women to lead by example.

Maresa Ng Great Leaders


It used to be a male dominant position when it comes to being a leader. But in the last 5 years, things have changed and women are getting a lot more opportunity to step up, and yet a lot of the women are still afraid to. Many of them would rather step out, and for me, it is not because they are lacking the abilities but they lack the confidence to lean in and grab the opportunities.

Women already have what it takes to be a great leader, but they undervalue their accomplishments and let others undermine their values. Women need to step up harder, now more than ever. They need to find themselves their support system and that would greatly help to make sure they achieve their dreams.

Maresa NgBusiness Coach

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