Yenni Law – Time to be More

Patient, resilient, hardworking, passionate and risk-taker are just few of the words, we could use to describe Yenni Law, a Woman Chef who scooped the “Best in World Gourmand Award 2018 Cookbook Women Chef’s category” award; for one of the cookbook she had written – “The Rice Pot”, which features 50 rice recipes.

The kitchen has always been perceived as the place of a woman, but interestingly, on a professional capacity, pots and pans are not operated by women. Statistics show that close to 80% of professional chefs are men, but one woman beat the odds to not only achieve her dreams as a chef but to also attract global recognition for her exemplary work as a chef.

Passion does not always make you money. When you have found your passion, work very hard at it. Be committed, persevere through the challenges and continue to persist no matter what it takes.

One would not grow if she/he keeps doing the same thing. With great passion in culinary arts, the bold and adventurous Yenni wanted something more. She challenge herself to step out of her comfort zone and do something different. From going abroad to learn different type of food culture, to giving free labour just because she was so eager to learn additional skill set.  Yenni loves a good challenge, as challenge would mean an opportunity for her to learn something new and to grow to a bigger person.

The true grit of Yenni which never afraid to take on challenges has evinced the fact that women too, can excel in the traditionally male-dominated occupation like chef. We saw the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about cooking. She has proved to the world that it is possible for a woman to turn what she loves into a sustainable entrepreneurship.

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