Marilyn Chua – Time to be Re-ignited

Marilyn Chua being chosen as one of several voices in Roscani’s W.E. Campaign (Women Empowerment Campaign) is an Olympic swimmer, (she represented Malaysia in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney), an entrepreneur and a swimming coach. She is the founder of Supersharkz Swim school. She envisioned to inspire young people to take up swimming as a life skill, and also as a competitive sport.

As a swim coach to the Selangor Elite Team, her swimmers’ achievements to date include: representing Malaysia at the SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships, breaking national records, winning national championships and winning an unprecedented 20-gold medals at the 2016 Malaysian Games.

Marilyn and the academy encourage all ages, and even special needs people to enjoy swimming as a sport. The school intends to keep their coaching fees low and affordable and services available to all.

Marilyn coaches each of her students to embrace water as a life skill. She says this is one sport that helps build positive attitude and character thereby preparing an individual to make better decisions in life. Health, team spirit and competitiveness is the key to a great life, and swimming can imbibe all these from an early age.

Invest in yourself. Spend the time, money and effort on getting to know yourself well and what you want. Then go for it. Never let any man (or woman) tell you otherwise.

Marilyn has gathered entrepreneurship and business skills over the years through lot of trials and errors and a fair amount of successes and disappointments. It sounds like a natural business growth curve, but Marilyn and her team of dedicated co workers have made use of every failure and setback to make a bigger leap. They accept the hurdles and challenge themselves to do better. Keeping always the goal in mind – to educate each and every Malaysian towards a healthier, positive and happier lifestyle, to imbibe a kind and all embracing outlook towards the community, to give back to society.

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Conquering your Fears

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Some of the greatest feats we’ve achieved as human beings were accomplished, not because they did not instill fear in us, but because we learned to address those fears and for that, we were successful.

Roscani’s Vision

We believe women have great parts to play in our society and empowered women do wonders. We’ve been equipping women with confidence and elegance via watches for more than 20 years and now we want to empower them even more.

We want women’s voices to be heard and we want to be a part of their journey to empower more people. We are teaming up with our collaborators to change lives, and hopefully create an impact.

We are also constantly looking for more women voices. Join us to empower more.


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