Salfarina Drus – Time to be Enthusiastic

Salfarina Mohd Drus being chosen as one of several voices in Roscani’s W.E. Campaign (Women Empowerment Campaign) is Malaysia’s Number 1 female rock climber.

Salfarina’s interest in climbing started during her school days. She was already doing a lot of trekking and mountaineering when a friend introduced her to wall climbing. In the year 2000, she placed 3rd in a competition’s novice category and this fueled her decision to advance her skill.

No stranger to the IFCS Climbing World Cup and the Asian X-Games, she has always embraced competition. To her, competing is a chance to prove not just to others, but to herself, that with the right mindset and hard work, you can achieve what you set out to do. With each competition, she pushed her limits and continuously raised the bar for herself.

For Salfarina, rock climbing is as much as a mental challenge as it is physical. It quickly grew from a sport into a lifestyle for the acclaimed rock climber. Though she has officially retired from the International scene, she continues to train and advance her skills.

There’s always ups and downs in every journey. Things don’t always turn out as what I plan.  However, I will still look on the positive side and enjoy the journey. I know it will be a good experience for me one day.

She continues to urge women to remain focused on what they want to achieve and drown out all the negative voices that question their ambition. As a woman in a male-dominated sport, she admits to having faced a lot of backlash from people who thought the sport should be restricted to men. Because there are not so many rock climbing competitions in Malaysia and often the lack of women participants, and so she participated in the men’s categories sometimes just to compete. Though physically and psychologically tougher, the stiffer competition she faced with the men only meant a chance to become better.

Salfarina Mohd Drus is the embodiment of passion and perseverance. A true inspiration to many who wish to follow their dreams and overcome obstacles in pursuit of fulfillment. It is in shining her light that she gives others the opportunity to do the same.

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Conquering your Fears

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Some of the greatest feats we’ve achieved as human beings were accomplished, not because they did not instill fear in us, but because we learned to address those fears and for that, we were successful.

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