Yenni Law

Yenni Law, who scooped the "Best in the World Gourmand Award 2018 Cookbook Women Chef's Category" award. She accepts challenges as an opportunity to learn something new. Her personal mantra of living life to the fullest is what brings her to her achievements today.


Salfarina Drus

Salfarina Drus, Malaysia's Number 1 female rock climber. She thrive to pushed her limits and continuously raised the bar for herself. Salfarina is the embodiment of passion and perseverance. A true inspiration to many who wish to follow their dreams and overcome obstacles in pursuit of fulfillment.


Marilyn Chua

Marilyn Chua is an Olympic swimmer, (she represented Malaysia in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney), an entrepreneur and a swimming coach. She is the founder of Supersharkz Swim school. She envisioned to inspire young people to take up swimming as a life skill, and also as a competitive sport.


Maresa Ng

Maresa Ng is a CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, Professional Speaker, and Business Growth Specialist. Maresa has worked with many business owners and has coached them to build businesses that generate massive revenues and profits!


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