Low Ngai Yuen


This boss lady is no stranger to the multimedia scene; she is a devoted wife, mother of 4, she runs 4 businesses and 3 NGOs?! She is none other than Ms Low Ngai Yuen, founder of Women Girls (one of her NGOs).



“Alamak! That’s like the budak tuition (the boy from tuition)! Oh no!” We don’t often come across married couples who work hand-in-hand on in business together. Most of us would avoid working with our spouses for fear it will ruin the relationship.

Dr Rubini Arasu


Dr. Rubini has always been practicing art, but it was never her first choice as a career, as it was not encouraged. Today, she delegates her time to both her full-time profession as a dentist and one hour daily with her brushes and canvas.

Icy Lee


Icy has had a calling since her college years to help build the community and impact the lives around her. But she never imagined she would end up in the F&B industry from graduating with a Psychology background.

Coney Flores


Coney Flores is an example of a modern woman; she’s a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a founder of an organization. She reminds us to always be positive, and to look at setbacks with an open mind; you will see things differently.

Farhana Abdul Wahab


Farhana Abd Wahab, also known as the unique yoga instructor who wears a “tudung”. She is a sign of reminder not to pursue solely on just happiness but to look on the brighter side of any given situation as well as to let go of things beyond your control. Believe it will work out and it will.

Sheena Baharudin


Sheena Baharudin is a Malaysian-based spoken word poet, writer and poetry educator. She nourishes the deserted land of souls with beautiful poems. She has inspired countless of her readers and will continue to do so in future. Her inspiration to write comes from life, comes from within.

Louise Chu


Louise Chu, founder of Claire Organics, a local brand of personal care products. She is the wonder woman who keeps her family sane and at the same time able to make her business grows. Louise is also a real executor that transforms her unfaltering passion into something that benefits others.

Yenni Law


Yenni Law, who scooped the "Best in the World Gourmand Award 2018 Cookbook Women Chef's Category" award. She accepts challenges as an opportunity to learn something new. Her personal mantra of living life to the fullest is what brings her to her achievements today.

Salfarina Drus


Salfarina Drus, Malaysia's Number 1 female rock climber. She thrive to pushed her limits and continuously raised the bar for herself. Salfarina is the embodiment of passion and perseverance. A true inspiration to many who wish to follow their dreams and overcome obstacles in pursuit of fulfillment.

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